Bug Tracker Abandoned

Our customer maintains they own trouble ticket system. We used to create tickets in our own system to mimic bug assigned to our project. Then the customer switched trouble ticket systems on us. Our process broke down. Now we no longer maintain a separate trouble ticket in our own system.

We hardly use our own ticket system any more. This is a problem. It is almost impossible to determine the history of how issues have been worked by development now. Some managers seem to be resorting to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It is like the stone ages up in here.

I miss the days when I could just fire up my Rational ClearQuest client and figure out everything there is to know about a problem. Now you either need to keep up with all the work going on. Or you need to find some spreadsheet and hope there is good information captured in there.

Looks like we have regressed and moved in the wrong direction regarding capability maturity. Let's hope we don't abandon source code control as well. Then all hell will break loose.